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Young Again616_print - Copy.pdfNow in the 6th edition and 23rd year, Young Again!  is the most comprehensive manual on healthy living ever published. The book provides a framework of useful and practicable knowledge not taught  in conventional or alternative medical curricula.  For your free copy of Young Again!  book, click here.

Young Again!  is a testimony to healthy living.  It shows people a better way  to care for themselves; it explains how the body heals itself; and it teaches powerful techniques to ease suffering and reverse premature aging. 

Young Again! is also an indictment of our faulty medical model and the sick-care system that is the product of that faulty model.

Young  Again!
offers readers meaning and value because John Thomas has personally lived the subject matter.  The author turned the tables on critics by standing the test of time!  John Thomas, now 72 years of age (2016), has natural, black hair, a youthful body, abundant energy and a razor sharp mind 

Read Young Again! and you will enjoy a better life as well.