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Anecdotal Observations

In this Report:

Perspective On The Terrain pH Protocol

Implementation of pH Protocol

pH, Acidity, Dis-ease & Premature Aging


Waste, pH & Acidity

Measuring pH

The Wasting Process, pH & Acidity

Yeast Connection, pH & Acidity

Cancer/Yeast Connection, pH & Acidity

Yeast & Cancer: Flip Sides of The Same Problem

Adjusting For Individuality

NOTE: call or email when you have your supplies and are ready to begin the TERRAIN pH PROTOCOL.

Perspective On The Terrain pH Protocol

The Terrain pH Protocol has TWO different aspects of implementation. 

They are: 1) The Bath Protocol and  2) The Oral Protocol.

Most people will do BOTH protocols; meaning, orally during the day, and by bath in the evening.  They are NOT necessarily done at the very same moment. 

Note: baking soda is 65% sodium.  Many people have issues with sodium accumulation in the soft tissues [edema] and inside cells due to depletion of essential ions.  Baking soda is the very best tool for managing terrain pH, but the sodium issue should not be ignored.  To address the sodium issue, use VITALITY COMPLEX.  To learn how to get a FREE BOTTLE of Vitality Complex, click on this link or contact John Thomas.

Baths are taken daily or several times a week, the choice is yours.  Bathing produces different results for different reasons for different people.  Some people either do not have a bath tub or are unable to use the bath tub for safety or health reasons.  If you can bathe, it is wise to do the Bath Protocol.  If you cannot bathe, you  should do the Oral Protocol.  Of the two, the Oral Protocol is the most important.

The Oral Protocol is done several times daily, depending on the results shown on your pH test strips.  You will understand more about the process when you receive your Protocol instructions. 

Details for BOTH [Bath & Oral] Protocol(s) are available upon request AFTER your have obtained the supplies you will need to do either or both Protocols.  Request instructions by email, please. 

The supplies you need to do the protocols are the same [unless you are unable to use the bath tub or you do not have a tub], in which case you will NOT need the Epsom salts and citric acid, but YOU WILL NEED: pH test strips, baking soda, and common vitamin-C tablets [1000 mg].  Obtain them, please.

The Terrain pH Protocol helps the body make adjustments in OVERALL terrain acidity and commonly manifests by changes in bowel habits, sinus congestion, sleep habits, and hundreds of other shifts in the terrain.  Individual experiences vary.  You get what you get!

The Terrain pH Protocol is NOT a substitute for a healthy, decent, junk-food-free diet and use of biologically active supplements. 

Also, the Protocol is NOT a substitute for addressing the state of pre-diabetes [insulin/leptin resistance] and other afflictions affecting the population, young and old alike.

The Terrain pH Protocol is a VERY BROAD UMBRELLA.  It deals with universal and fundamental issues that affect everything, rather than targeting any one specific problem or complaint.  Align your expectations accordingly, and give the body time to adjust!

You may wish to review the Archive of previous editions of Special Insights that discuss various health related subjects that are beyond the Terrain pH Protocol.  You will find them on the YoungAgainClub.com website under the PUBLICATIONS TAB.  [Specifically, see February and March 2017 editions.]

You will have questions about TERRAIN pH PROTOCOL.  Feel free to ask for assistance, but only AFTER you have read the information presented below.  There is much to understand and consider.

Information provided on the YoungAgainClub.com website is designed to make you think about how your body actually works, as opposed to popular myth, urban legend and medical folklore. 

The MISSION of YoungAgainClub.com is to expand your knowledge base, so you are less vulnerable to mainstream mistruths, as well as, misguided alternative approaches that are based on the very same faulty medical model that haunts allopathic medicine.

Medical fictions are everywhere around us.  Look at all the sick and dying people.  Then, look at all the sick and dying practitioners, many of whom are decent, honest doctors who cannot help themselves.  People assume experts KNOW, when they DO NOT know.  Your job is to KNOW!

Your want to know more than the experts.  In most cases, it is NOT their fault.  It is the nature of formalized schooling and disciplines that are supposedly based on SETTLED SCIENCE.  Frankly, nothing could be further from the truth. In biology, little is settled and woe be unto anyone who fails to question and challenge everything that is considered, SETTLED!

The take away: YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! 

Get used to being on your own and learn to care for yourself and your family so you can avoid reliance on  the  sick-care system.

Life is dynamic, and the life sciences [biology, microbiology, inorganic, organic and bio-chemestries, and the physiology half of anatomy & physiology] are NOT hard wired, they are malliable and very much unsettled.  Fact is, yesterdays science is today's superstition.

The life is dynamic in every sense of the word, and the medical model, as taught, is a complete and total FAILURE from the perspective of, prevention.  Like it or not, you are on your own!

Emergency room medicine gets a pass due to the nature of the circumstance.

Let's review the list of supplies you will need:

Since you are reading this discussion of pH and alkalinity/acidity, it is presumed you have obtained the supplies you will need to follow the protocol.  If you do not have your supplies, obtain them.

These items are available on Amazon, or you may source them as you wish.

1.  pH test strips for measuring urine/saliva pH are available on Amazon, and less expensive, too.

2.   A big bag [at least 10 lbs] of bicarbonate of soda [baking soda].  Any brand is fine; all baking soda is ALUMINUM FREE.  Arm & Hammer is most commonly available.  Costco or Wal-Mart have it.

3.  You will need: 10 lbs. pounds of Epsom Salts [think Costco, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club]

4.  You will need: 5 lbs. bag of Citric Acid. This is difficult to find in bulk and is best ordered from Amazon.

5. Lastly, you will need Vitamin-C tablets; preferably 1000 mg each.  Any brand will do; all you need is plain ascorbic acid (vitamin-C). I do not care about it being "natural" or with this or that.  The vitamin-C molecule is ascorbic acid and we are using it for its ability to react with bicarbonate and release CO2.

Implementation of pH Protocol

AFTER you have read this report and you have your supplies, email or call for instructions.

TERRAIN pH PROTOCOL varies according to each individualDO NOT attempt to go it alone; ask for guidance for best results so you can expand you knowledge of the topic.

Do not underestimate the importance of the Terrain pH Protocol and what it can do for you, your family and friends. 

This report is the most fundamentally important report ever published by Young Again Club. 

The TERRAIN pH PROTOCOL is the simplest and most cost effective step for promoting one's health and avoiding the sick-care system.   However, it will NOT solve all of your problems, so be open to other protocols and ideas from Young Again Club and John Thomas.  You will discover them in Special Insights which is published, FREE, each month and is available under Publications in the Archive.

I trust you will incorporate the pH Protocol into your daily life.

FYI: Sick-care is collapsing and people will need guidance and valid information when self-care is their only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and they are in short supply!  The system is corrupt and long lines are coming.  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well!

pH, Acidity, Disease & Premature Aging

The Terrain pH Protocol addresses three fundamental CORE ISSUES of terrain management:

1. Restoration of bicarbonate levels of your body's TERRAIN.

2. Reduction and neutralization of acid wastesof your body's tissues and fluids.

3. S topping fermentation of glucose sugars at the cellular level. 

The Terrain pH Protocol should NOT be confused with the Tissue & Liver Protocol. They are very different in detail and approach.  [You can read about the T & L Protocol in the Programs & Protocols Tab under the RESOURCES tab of the Young Again Club Website.]


Terrain refers to the totality of the physical body including cells, tissues, bones, joints, organs and fluids.

Metabolism refers tolife-sustaining chemical transformations taking place within the body of all living organisms.

Metabolism is the summary of all biological reactions from conversion of food to energy [Mg-ATP] within the Kreb’s Cycle of the mitochondria in our cells, and the movement and storage of waste within the terrain.

Entropy refers to progression from order to chaos .  Entropy, as used here, refers to the degree of chaosand disharmony within the human body.  Aging is biologic entropy in action.

Anabolism refers to the growth and building-up process associated with youth.

Catabolism refers to the unwinding or aging process associated with those no longer in the anabolsm.

Assuming you are born healthy, you begin to age the day you reach your anabolic peak at approximately, age 24. [see pages 21-22 in the book, Young Again! for a full discussion of this topic.]

From the moment we shift from anabolism to catabolism, we forfeit the ability to grow and repair our bodies faster than we destroy them.  The word, aging sums up the problem, nicely.

Humans [and animals] begin to age the moment their bodies begin to accumulate acidic waste.  The condition of acidity, then, is an acidic state of being.

pH of urine infers the level of acidification of your body terrain and energy disharmony on the pH chemical level.  pH is NOT a measure of acidity; pH merely telly you where you are at on the pH scale.  Meaning, as body bicarbonate reserves deplete, and systemic overload of acid waste occurs.  pH is an indicator.

Bicarbonates are naturally occurring, healthy, chemical BUFFERS the body uses to neutralize acidic waste, and when the body has used its supply of bicarbonates, we cross the line dividing anabolism and catabolism and the body begins to age. 

By age 35, the aging process is in full swing.  By age 45, the body begins to the shut-down process on all levels of physiology.  Think puberty in reverse because that is exactly what happens.

By age 35, loss of vigor and beauty associated with youth accelerates.  By age 45, men and women lose identity with their former selves. 

ACIDIFICATION drives the aging process and there is absolutely no justifiable reason for anyone to age and suffer health challenges other than ignorance or bullheadedness.

Waste, pH & Acidity

Body fluid pH is measured with test strips designed for the purpose. 

The more waste circulating in body fluids, the more acidic the pH and the body terrain.

Body fluid pH does NOT measure acid waste levels of cells, tissues and joints.  There is no practical way to directly measure these, but urine pH [not saliva pH] is a good indicator of terrain acidity.

pH tests measure acidity and alkalinity of the fluid being tested.  pH is NOT, however, a measure of actual acidity/alkalinity.

Alkalinity refers to the amount of bio-active BUFFERS available for the body to neutralize internal acids. 

There are four naturally occurring biological BUFFERS, and all of them are BICARBONATES. They are: magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium bicarbonate.  Each has different characteristics and each serve different purposes in maintenance of health beyond their ability to buffer acid waste.

Buffer: a substance that resists change in its own pH while simultaneously neutralizing pH of surrounding solutions [think tissue fluids as measured by pH of urine].  Buffers keep body fluid pH at healthy levels by neutralizing circulating acids. In nature, buffering systems are of huge significance for maintaining pH regulation. For example, the bicarbonate buffering is used to regulate the pH of urine, saliva, extracellular fluids and blood.

Once the body's bicarbonate RESERVES are depleted, alkalinity is lostand the state of acidity takes control.  pH of urine offers the most accurate and easily obtained snap of systemic acidity.

If you are older than age 35, it is safe to ASSUME your bicarbonate reserves are giving out.  If you are older than age 45, your system is shot and you had better take action if you want to hang onto what you have and get back what you have already forfeited.

Important Definitions:

pH: the scale is 0-14.  Below 7.0 is acid; above 7.0, alkaline.  Urine is the body fluid of choice for measuring pH.  pH infers acidity/alkalinity, but does NOT measure them.  pH is a guide only.

Acidity: is not pH and should not be confused with pH.  Acidity refers to the total acid load of body tissues and fluids.  The more acid waste in the body, the higher acidity. 

Alkalinity: is not pH.  Alkalinity refers to the body’s ability to buffer [neutralize] acid waste and maintain pH.  Alkalinity is dependent on body reserves of bicarbonate [think, reserve capacity.]

Buffer(s): the body uses bicarbonate to buffer [neutralize] acid waste and keep pH neutral. Reserves of bicarbonate diminish rapidly after age, 35 [and in dogs and cats as they age.] 

Bicarbonate: is the body’s primary buffer for neutralizing body acids.  In the stomach, it releases carbon dioxide for improved transport of oxygen to cellular mitochondria.  I t also stabilizes pH, and it is the basis for production of HCl for protein digestion and pancreatic secretions for blood sugar and insulin management.  [Bicarbonate is an inexpensive, naturally occurring compound.]

Measuring pH

Urine pH will be used exclusively when doing the Terrain pH Protocol.

The body maintains blood acidity/alkalinity at pH 7.35 on a strict basis with little variation allowed. This Protocol does NOT concern itself with blood pH.

Measuring blood pH is a laboratory procedure where blood is drawn under vacuum in the absence of oxygen to avoid oxidation. Blood pH has no meaning here.

The Wasting Process, pH & Acidity

Internally generated cellular waste is acidic with a pH less than 7.0.  Think of cellular waste as corrosive in nature because it is!  That is why accumulation of waste leads to sick, aging bodies, diminished vigor and loss of beauty.

pH 7.0 is neutral, above pH 7.0 is alkaline, below pH 7.0 is acidic.

pH does NOT measure bicarbonate levels, but is most useful for determining the body's ability to buffer acid waste through its BICARBONATE RESERVES. 

Bicarbonate is the body's PRIMARY tool for BUFFERING acid waste in the system. 

Bicarbonate has a second and important quality.  In solution, bicarbonate produces large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO).

CO bonds oxygen to hemoglobin for deliver and release to the cells and to the mitochondria.  People think their problem is lack of oxygen when, in reality, it is insufficient available carbon dioxide needed to actually transport and deliver oxygen. 

Show me someone suffering oxygen deprivation at any and all levels, and i will show you someone whose body is ACIDIC and seriously deprived of carbon dioxide.

When bicarbonate disassociates in the body, it releases carbon dioxide which enters blood to assist with oxygen transport to cells and mitochondria, and then DOUBLES as the transport of neutralized acid waste which is released through the breathing mechanism.

To repeat, bicarbonate not only neutralizes acidic waste in the body, but it also converts acid waste to carbon dioxide (CO) that is released by normal exhalation. 

Furthermore, shallow, rapid breathing [the sign of someone who is both oxygen and carbon dioxide deprived] is a killer for obvious reasons.  All respiratory conditions involve lack of bicarbonate buffers and acidification of the body's terrain due to build-up of acid waste in the system.  Now you know!

Improper breathing is very common and something everyone must learn how to avoid and correct.  Read Super Power Breathing, by Bragg, available from Amazon.

Healthy, normal, urine pH is 6.8. Most people live their lives between 5.0 - 6.0 in the acidic state and that is why they age prematurely and suffer degenerative dis-ease. 

When pH drops below 5.0, you are in DARK TERRITORY!  Below 5.0 pH is where you encounter cancer, cardiovascular, kidney, arthritis and diabetes.

The Yeast Connection, pH & Acidity

Years before serious, ugly medical problems manifest, body fluid pH has turned acidic and with such a state of acidity comes yeast overgrowth throughout the body terrain. 

When conditions are ideal, acid waste becomes the food (substrate) for overgrowth of yeast  overwhelming the terrain and flooding it with TOXIC byproducts.


Yeast's toxic byproducts, both LIMIT and SHUT-DOWN the Krebs Cycle [production of ATP] in the mitochondria in cells.  Mitochondrial disease is such a serious metabolic problem because insufficient ATP production is the condition of illness and dis-ease. 

Collapse of ATP [actually Mg-ATP] brings on death.  Life is NOT POSSIBLE without healthy mitochondria and high production of Mg-ATP, the body's energy molecule. 

Few people understand or realize that once the body's bicarbonate BUFFERS are exhausted, acidity and pH rises and with it comes the destruction of the mitochondria in our cells.  Mitochondria are EXTREMELY pH sensitive.  The acidification process accelerates by no later than age 45.

Mitochondrial problems is what DRIVES the aging process, and everyone suffers mitochondrial dysfunction to some degree because everyone's terrain grows EVER MORE ACIDIC day by day until the body becomes overloaded with waste and heavy metals.

Heavy metals such as mercury, iron, cadmium and lead are ubiquitous and everyone is LOADED with heavy metals.  And if they are not removed from the body, loss of health and aging drastically, accelerate!

As alkalinity is lost and pH rises, uptake of heavy metals ACCELERATES, and with the metals comes the destruction of our cellular friends.  There are approximately 10,000 mitochondrion in each and every cell of the bodies. 

The mitochondria make the energy molecule, Mg-ATP.  Once Mg-ATP production falls, the body loses its ONLY source of metabolic energy for maintenance and repair.

In summary, the longer you live, the more acid your body becomes, the less energy you have and the older you look and feel; and it only gets worse.

So, unless you do something to reverse the process, aging and suffering are baked into your cake.  You must decide what you want and take charge of your life.

The Cancer/Yeast Connection, pH & Acidity 

There are TWO THINGS cancer can neither tolerate or coexist with.  They are: 1) healthy oxygen levels, and 2) low acidity levels [which by implication translates, pH 6.8.

Cancer is confirmation of ongoing, high acidity, heavy metal contamination and yeast infestation on a grand scale.  Cancer is also absolute confirmation of oxygen deprivation at the cellular and mitochondrial levels. 

The way to raise oxygen levels in the body and neutralize system acidity is by following the TERRAIN pH PROTOCOL which calls for the use of bicarbonates to buffer waste and raise carbon dioxide levels.


When you hear the word CANCER [no mater the type or location in the body] think YEAST, OXYGEN and an ACID TERRAIN!

It matters NOT, whether the cancer is RARE or VERY RARE; it is still cancer and the particulars of this discussion apply to any and all conditions by that name.  In actuality, there is no such thing as cancer; that is just what they call it. 

And contrary to medical folklore and urban legend, cancer is NOT A DISEASE! 

Cancer is a condition of high acidity and shut-down of the body terrain and the mitochondria. 

Yeast and Cancer: Flip Sides of The Same problem! 

You can't have cancer without yeast.

Cancer is a fungus as is yeast, and when yeast dominants the system, the body becomes progressively more acid and increasingly toxic until cancer finally, takes control of your life.

Cancer has NOTHING TO DO with your genes and DNA, as popularly believed.  All major [and minor] degenerative dis-ease conditions develop and manifest under acidic, waste and fungus driven circumstances. 

In other words, if you have serious health challenges [no mater what it is called or how it is spelled], you are ACIDIC and TOXIC and INFESTED with yeast and if you wish to live and prosper, you had better restore the terrain of your body.

Antibiotics are the metabolic byproduct of yeast and fungi which explains why antibiotics are so devastating to friendly microbes of the body. 

Antibiotics DESTROY friendly microbes, but antibiotics do not touch, YEAST!  Then, yeast takes over and spreads throughout the body FEEDING on acidic waste burdening the system.

Avoid using antibiotics unless it is a do or die situation, and I mean do or die!

Once you start down the antibiotic path, you will have to resurrect your system and reverse the damage done which is NOT EASY to accomplish!

Failure to restore your microbiome and repair damage done to the intestinal wall means ongoing premature aging, misery, suffering and early death. 

For example, the epidemic of gluten intolerance [and bladder/prostate infestations] plaguing the population is directly tied to use of antibiotics, heavy metal contamination from amalgam dental fillings, vaccinations and progressive acidification of the body terrain controlled by yeast.

Add elevated blood sugar levels and poor diet, and it is not difficult to understand why diabetes is epidemic and insulin/leptin resistance the primary cause of pre-diabetes affecting anyone and everyone who is not already diabetic. 

I trust readers understand the extremely serious nature of terrain acidity and elevated pH represent.

Adoption of the Young Again Club TERRAIN pH PROTOCOL is absolutely crucial to anyone wishing to take control of their health and avoid the sick-care system.

Now, you know!

Adjusting For Individuality

Every individual's circumstance and needs are different, and each individual requires INDIVIDUAL guidance if they wish to enjoy the benefits of oral and bath usage of bicarbonates. 

Details of the YoungAgainClub.com TERRAIN pH PROTOCOL are available on a ONE-ON-ONE basis. 

Call or email when you have your supplies and you are ready to begin the TERRAIN pH PROTOCOL.

You are welcome!