Mold & Fungus Protocol

Anecdotal Observations


[The following presentation has two parts.  The Modified Mold & Fungus Protocol and the Regular Mold & Fungus Protocol.  The MODIFIED Protocol is used when circumstances call for it and sometimes where finances are an issue, but suffering must be addressed.  The Modified Mold & Fungus Protocol targets superficial yeast overgrowth, dysfunction hormone metabolism and compromised thyroid and adrenal issues that may or may not involve vaginal/prostate complications and recent use of antibiotics, immune issues, steroids and birth control.  Products used in the Modified Protocol will vary according to need.  Each case is handled individually by live discussion over the phone with John Thomas.]

Mold and fungus spores are everywhere; in the water we drink, the air we breathe and in the food we eat.  Mold spores are UNAVOIDABLE, but they do not represent a major threat to one’s health and well-being until certain biologic dynamics [triggers] come into play.

The triggers are: 1. antibiotics, 2. birth control pills, 3. steroids [corticosteroid medications, hormone replacement conventional or bio-identical!] are used at any time in life.  The more the body is exposed to them, the more fungal invasion and infestation of the system.  [Sugar and sweets only make matters worse.]  stress is also a trigger!

For people with weakened immune systems and for those whose systems depend on consumption of SUGAR, SODAS, ALCOHOL, mold is already growing in their bodies, and exposure or re-exposure to the three triggers mentioned above presents serious long term problems and cycles of illness that can haunt us throughout the course of our lives.

Fungal invasion can occur in weeks and months, but years is more common. [For some, it can take 20-50 years!]  It happens to everyone; you cannot avoid it.  No exceptions!  However, YOU CAN REVERSE THE PROCESS.

Confirmation of fungal infestation and invasion among the population is confirmed by all the sick and aging and dying people who suffer from mycotoxin induced SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION, followed by secondary bacterial and viral infection.  Inflammation and infection are “effects” produced by mycotoxins and fungi in your body.  Don’t forget it!

When the TRIGGERS mentioned above are introduced into the body, everything changes as the spores [which are already in the body] hatch, grow and invade the body's vital organs.  Other factors contributing to mold and fungal invasion are high carbohydrate diets [sugar, juices, fruit, alcohol and starchy foods] along with the most common trigger of all called, stress. 

Traumatic stress [accidents, surgeries and extreme emotional experiences] are devastating forms of stress, but so is daily, stress because stress weakens the body's terrain by boosting production of acid waste in the system.

After mold and fungus spores are stimulated to hatch and grow, they produce chemicals, called mycotoxin that are used to orchestrate the internal environment and workings of the body and the vital organs.  [Fungi do this to exert control and get the body to do their bidding which allows them to further GROW and SPREAD and complete their life-cycle.]

When fungal activation occurs, the process turns, perpetual, unless the host [you and me!] intervene and stop the cycle from perpetuating itself.   Intervention is accomplished with the Mold & Fungus Protocol.


Fungi [plural for fungus] are molds.  Candida albicans is a fungus, but it is also a mold.  However, Candida is a specific type of fungus, known as a "sac" fungi. 

Molds and fungi are generally, saprophytes that live on waste and dead matter.  In the body, however, they are capable of living on sexual and regulatory hormones along with acidic waste.  Once stimulated to grow by the biologic TRIGGERS mentioned above, they take-on a life of their own.  

Most molds and fungi grow in vegetative plant form throughout the body, others [like Candida albicans] exist and spread as oomycetes [single cell organisms] that are capable of merging their DNA with human DNA.

In other words, molds and fungus use the human body as an incubator and host while systematically taking-over vital organ function which eventually kills the host [you and me!]

Mycotoxin are made by molds and fungi to control the body's metabolic functions and determine how the body responds [or fails to respond] to hormones from male and female sexual hormones to thyroid, pancreas, liver, kidney, adrenals, and digestion enzymes.


Excess body fat and inability to lose weight and keep it off is the direct consequence of mycotoxin interference with normal body metabolism.  When clothes size grows and your weight increases, know that mycotoxins have taken control.  This is the CORE issue behind obesity more than any other factor. The problem affects over 70% of Americans, young and old alike.  Obviously, there is a problem that extends beyond diet alone.

How about cardiovascular issues like atrial fibrillation, arrhythmia, elevated blood pressure?  Guess what, these are nothing but SYMPTOMS of mold and fungal take-over and it is their mycotoxins that cause symptoms of heart problems.  Solve fungal infestation and symptoms go away.

What of gout, arthritis, kidney stones, inflamed prostate, thyroid issues, liver function and cancer, just to name a few?  Again, they are SYMPTOMS produced by mycotoxins made by the molds and fungi in your body.  Believe it!

Acid-reflux and leaky-gut are examples of problems that derive from fungal penetration of the small intestine by vegetative molds that sink their roots [hyphae] into the intestinal wall [creating leakage into the blood stream] which then trigger autoimmune reactions.  Asthma and allergies are excellent examples.] 

Menopause is another.  Menopause, with all its problems and issues, is a very good example of mycotoxin control of women’s ovaries and how their bodies use, or fail to use, their hormones.  TRANSLATION: it is not your hormones, ladies; your problems are NOT WHAT THEY APPEAR!  Same goes for menstrual irregularities.  If you want to look and feel better, ask for assistance.

Prostate is another.  Prostate issues and men go together, and they begin around age 40 [that is when early andropause starts; believe it!], but the problem does not fully manifest until in the fifties and beyond.  Men stop playing golf partly because the trees are too far apart and diapers are not unacceptable.  If you wish help men, pick up the phone and ask.

Neurological problems such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, dementia, brain fog and brain tumors are very common, while chronic fatigue, ADD, ADHD, ringing ears and deteriorating vision are epidemic.  All are SYMPTOMS of fungal invasion, and all are side-effects mycotoxin in the system; none are dis-eases!.  If you are concerned about these ailments, change your thinking and your lifestyle. 

Other examples of fungal infestation are diabetes, pancreas issues, kidney stones, COPD, asthma, sinusitis, all cancers, prostate and testicular issues, female problems [ovaries, breast, menstruation, menopause, bladder and vaginal yeast infections], neuropathy of all types, gout, eye and hearing problems.

And do not forget gluten intolerance, acne, chronic issues of all types, chemical sensitivities and candidiasis [chronic Candida] are of which are indicative of fungal invasion and take-over of the terrain of the body.  Get the idea?


Mycotoxins manipulate how the body uses food energy and production of the mitochondrial energy molecule called, Mg-ATP.  The words, mitochondria and mitochondrial disease are in vogue these days.  Yep, the experts have found a new scam; a new boogeyman to create fear and uncertainty among vulnerable, unsuspecting patients.  

When doctor orders tests looking for issues that may be in-play, it is the mycotoxins that elevate and/or warp test results which are then used to manipulate patients that lead to misdiagnosis and medications for problems that DO NOT ACTUALLY EXIST.  This is called, MISDIAGNOSIS and it happens all the time.

Definitive tests for mold/fungus problems are not available.  What is relied upon by clinicians are USELESS and MISLEADING lab tests.  [The problem is, reliable tests were never developed and integrated into diagnostic procedures because mycology, the study of molds and fungi, was dropped from medical curriculums in early 1950s.  Besides, interpretation of test results is highly subjective and more often than not, risky for the patient.

For your information, candida diets help manage the misery, but once a DNA merger occurs on a systemic level, popular Candida protocols fail miserably because they do not address cause.  Furthermore, such diets DO NOT drive Candida out of the vital organs [where it should never, ever be] and into spore, dormancy.

Anyone with a history of Candida OVERGROWTH will need guidance to remedy the problem.  Guidance is provided FREE!  Education is critical to the process.


To repeat, everyone is loaded with [dormant] mold spores that have the potential to hatch, grow and take over body functions.  Internal body conditions of moisture, hormones, heat, stress and sugar are perfect for the growth of molds and fungi.  All that is needed are biologic TRIGGERS such as: antibiotics, birth control pills and steroids, along with sugar, alcohol and carbohydrates.

Candida albicans [yeast] is a sub-type of mold.  Some molds grow and spread in the body in vegetative form, sinking their roots [called hyphae] into vital organ tissues; others grow on the mucous membranes of the vagina, intestinal wall, bronchiolles, lungs and sinuses. 

Colon polyps [growths that are clipped during a colonoscopy] are actually mold growths similar to warts on the wall of the intestine.  Polyps attach to the intestinal wall via an umbilical tether of sorts [it is CLIPPED during colonoscopy.]

You may wish to know that upwards of 5,000 people a year BLEED TO DEATH following this simple procedure that is marketed to the public as, CANCER PREVENTION.  Why the patient has polyps is the question, NOT do they exist; and if they do, what to do about it?

Notice, colon cancer and polyps are conditions of OLDER people.  These days, older begins around age 35, and often earlier.  You can bet the person with either condition is heavily infested and taken-over by molds and fungi.

Bowel issues of any and all types are a very good indicator of systemic overgrowth of molds and fungi, especially, Candida albicans.  [Translation, if you have bowel issues, you now know why, and what you can do about it.]

Candida is a ‘sac’ fungi that reproduces its spores in a sac type capsule that circulates and releases the contents throughout body tissues and vital organs.  Candida] has the ability to merge with human DNA, creating a hybrid human being [you and me!]  Merged DNA appears to our immune system as ‘self’ rather than a foreign organism that does not belong in the body.  Merged DNA is the perfect Trojan horse!  [Candida DNA and human DNA are almost, identical!]

Once DNA merger occurs, your immune system loses its ability to recognize and correct unnatural and pathogenic conditions within the body terrain.  Mold and fungal take-over is such a condition; a condition that affects the entire population sooner or later: young, middle aged and old alike!


Doctors have NOT received in depth training in mycology [the study of molds and fungi] since the very early 1950s; consequently, their exposure and focus is limited to toe nail fungus, ring worm, bladder and vaginal yeast problems, and their answer is always the same: ANTIBIOTICS! 

It is NOT my intention to disparage doctors and medical professionals.  However, the fact of the matter is this: THEY DO NOT HAVE A CLUE about much of anything regarding molds and fungi or things “nutritional.”  Worse, their track record in 'prevention' is ZERO; they only deal with symptomatic problems AFTER they occur.  That is their job.

Certain “powers” purposely denied aspiring medical students training in molds and fungi as they pertain to sickness and disease in humans.  So, doctor lack training in this venue and lab tests are useless.  Patients suffer accordingly.  DOCTOR DOES NOT KNOW and their continuing education [required!] sees to it that they ONLY think in terms of bacteria, viruses and drugs; never fungi as primary agents of disease.

Molds and fungi are NOT even a consideration and are NOT believed to be causative agents in degenerative disease.  Rather, fungi are only considered to be minor irritations to the body and of little consequence.  NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!

Doctor is required to operate according to the rules.  Those rules are called, the "standards of care" and if doctor goes outside of those rules, doctor are subject to sanction, fines, jail and embarrassment among peers and public.  Doctor is a CAPTIVE AGENT of BIG PHARMA.  Make sure you are not a victim.

It is your job to learn and understand the CRITICALLY IMPORTANT field of study [mycology] because if you do not know, you will suffer accordingly.   You are responsible for your own welfare.  Don't forget it!

Candida is particularly problematic.  Everyone has Candida yeast in their body.  We are born with it, but it is not a problem until its growth is TRIGGERED by antibiotics, corticosteroids, birth control pills, stress and high carbohydrate, sugar diets.

Athletes who use anabolic steroids are setting themselves up for disaster!  Now you know why athletes [and ordinary people using corticosteroid drugs] will eventually sicken and die from their use.  These so-called, medications are biologic TRIGGERS that fuel mold growth and mycotoxin distortion of vital organ functions. 


Once fungi have established a foothold in the body, they manage the body for their own purposes; meaning, so they can complete their life-cycle.  WHEN TOTAL INVASION OF THE BODY AND ITS VITAL ORGANS HAS OCCURRED, the host [you and me] die. It’s the way things work, but you can alter the story in your favor.

Advanced, systemic mold infestation is called, CANCER.  Cancer is not a disease; it is systemic take-over of any or all of key body organs and functions my fungi.  Cancer is ABSOLUTELY NOT a genetic disorder.  Blaming your genes provides perfect cover for the sick-care system to operate with impunity.  The genetic blame-game is lie! 

By now, the reader should be asking:

“Wait a minute! If mold and fungi can take partial or total control of body functions and produce symptoms we commonly think of as disease, then is it possible that there is no such thing as diseases  such as: diabetes, cardiovascular, kidney, liver, lung, ovary and breast, testicle and prostate, Alzheimer’s, hearing and vision loss, etc.?  And, if these things are so, then all I need do to improve my health and remedy my ailments and have a better life is deal with the fungi operating within my body? Can you teach me how to do it?”


The Young Again Club Mold and Fungus Protocol allows anyone to take-control of their health and slow and even reverse the processes of aging and degenerative dis-ease that is fueled by molds and fungi infestation.

The Protocol is straight forward and not difficult to follow.  However, guidance and consulting are needed prior to accomplish the goal.

The Protocol involves TWO PHASES. Each phase [I & II] take 6 weeks to complete.  Phase II is very different than Phase I, confronts different types of mold and fungi and shuts-down their production of mycotoxin.  Restoration of immune function and control of the body terrain are the goals of the Mold & Fungus Protocol.  Maintenance is not an issue unless you take antibiotics and restart the fungal cycle over again.

Once you cleared your system of actively growing fungi and their mycotoxins, you carbings for toxic/poisonous foods and medications greatly moderate or disappear altogether.  Your will be free.


Anyone facing elective surgery [knees, hips, hernia, etc. etc.] must understand that you will be IV ‘dripped’ with powerful antibiotics as part of routine surgical procedure.  Regardless of what you and doctor [surgeon] say or tell the hospital, you will be dripped with broad spectrum antibiotics!

Your ONLY defense against explosive fungal take-over in the days and weeks following surgery is to have ON HAND, IN YOUR HOME the items needed to be taken before, during and after surgery to prevent systemic mold growth and FLOODING of the body by their mycotoxins that cause most, if not all, secondary infections which will be treated with MORE antibiotics.  Fungi will NEVER, EVER be mentioned!  Count on it!

A good example is stroke that often follows heart by-pass surgery.  Think about it.  Older people undergo major surgeries for this and that.  Older people are systemically mold infested, they are generally not in good health anyway or they would not be deteriorating and suffering.  Then, they undergo the STRESS of surgery, are dripped with heavy, broad-spectrum antibiotics and given drugs that CAUSES mycotoxin production to EXPLODE throughout the body, followed by stroke of "unknown cause!"

Lastly, remember that accidents and emergency room surgery are NOT by choice.  Be prepared so self and loved ones can avoid the problems associated with use of emergency and surgical antibiotics and steroids by having the Mold & Fungus Protocol ON HAND to avoid the misery that surely, follows.

The older you are [old age begins by age 35!], the more acid waste you hold in your system, providing a perfect breeding ground for fungal take-over.  Cellular biofilm is a perfect breeding ground and a classic characteristic of Lyme disease.  Lyme is NOT WHAT we have been told it is.  The experts are wrong. 

FYI: teenagers are particularly vulnerable to mold and fungal take-over from exposure to antibiotics such as tetracycline for acne plus their use of birth control pills.  Hormones rage providing fuel for growth of fungal yeast throughout the body.  Antibiotics kill vitally important endospheric, master bacteria.  Stress is always a factor and menstrual periods become erratic with cyclical flow of ovarian hormones.  Poor sleep and sweets add insult to injury. 

Fungal invasion is the perfect teenage, storm; a storm that will rage perpetually and  haunt kids for the balance of their lives. Sick-care has no answers.  Everyone is on their own.  You must self-educate.


The Protocol involves creating an environment that is hostile to foreign life forms [molds and fungi] so they can neither establish themselves as parasites or become or [maintain their life-cycle within the body] as symbionts orchestrating hormones and critical body functions.

The Protocol involves using specialized, bio-activated products that create a hostile environment for molds and fungi, causing them to revert to spore dormancy and forfeit control.

Next, the Protocol involves reduction and elimination of mold produced chemicals called, mycotoxins, from body tissues and organs which helps restore healthy, normal immune function and an immune system that RECOGNIZES foreign invasion of fungi in the body and DNA merger.

When mold and fungi dye, they FLOOD the system with their mycotoxins, producing some interesting side effects such as: moodiness, depression, anger, brain fog, burning feet, aching joints, ringing ears, low energy, loose bowel, chills, feverish flush, hormone swings, feelings of being overwhelmed, etc.  The list is long and varied.

Most people will experience some mold/fungus dye-off effects.  Many people suffer many of the symptoms on a daily basis WITHOUT knowledge of cause.  The effects are as varied as people.

WELCOME whatever side-effects you get; they generally last 7-10 days, shifting constantly with no particular pattern or reason.  Whatever effects encountered, consider them the price you must pay to GET OUT of your self-imposed jail cell and a ticket for a better life.  Most people live their symptoms, anyway, so let’s get beyond them once and for all.

I trust you will choose wisely while you have time BEFORE you pass the point of no return.  You will be transitioning from a world of suffering and illness of unknown origin, to a better life where your body has the opportunity to recover and your immune system to function healthfully as intended.

Lastly, personal guidance for discovery and identification of individual lifestyle habits that created the environment for fungal infestation is provided, FREE!

KNOW:  Resumption and usage of antibiotics, steroids, birth control pills and loading of your system with sweets and alcohol causes mold spores to grow and spread as the dilemma RETURNS.  Lifestyle change is the best solution.

Where possible, simultaneous implementation of the Terrain pH Protocol [this is a free], the Immune Protocol AND the Ion Trio are done parallel with the Mold & Fungus Protocol. 

The Tissue & Liver Protocol is generally NOT implemented for 6-12 months to give the body time to recover and resurrect itself.  Everyone has different needs and issues which are addressed in conversation as needed.

You can learn more by reviewing Special Insights, Cause Unknown! and The Sense Of Well-Being.

If you would like to learn how YoungAgainClub Protocols may benefit you, contact John Thomas via email: john or call 509 465-4154.

Consultations are provided FREE; there is no cost of any kind. 

Note: live consultation is the ONLY way guidance is offered within the united States of America.  Email is neither appropriate nor practicable except for making contact.  Those in foreign jurisdictions should initiate contact with John Thomas by email for further instructions.