MicroBiota Protocol

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The MicroBiota Protocol is easy to follow.  It calls for 2 capsules of either Inches & Pounds or InFlameAway to be taken am & pm with a glass of water.  [Yes, it is okay to take these with other supplements or medications of any kind.]  

As the mucosa slowly begins to repair, a few minor nuances may be experienced according to the individual's age, sex, health history and present state of illness or disease.  Generally, the Immune Protocol is done simultaneously with the MicroBiota Protocol, but it is not mandatory to do so. 

For those who have already completed the Immune Protocol [and primal immunity has been established], very little maintenance is needed UNLESS antibiotics are taken.  Generally, it takes about 3 months to rebuild the intestinal mucosa with InFlameAway or Inches & Pounds.  Thereafter, a maintenance dose is used. 

Restoration of the intestinal is highly dependent upon making healthy mucous to protect the mucosa.  Mucous plays a huge part in maintenance of daily health and in rebooting of the BIRTHING PROCESS. 

Rebooting your birth is how you can claim what was FORFEITED during your life or what you NEVER RECEIVED from you mother on the day of your birth.  


The MicroBiota Protocol was developed by Young Again Club to speed restoration of immune function by managing the intestinal mucosa and maintaining the integrity of the gut wall.  This protocol is totally unique and unlike anything offered in the field of immune system management.

The MicroBiota Protocol it is NOT BASED on traditional, preconceived ideas of humoral or cell mediated immunity, immune response, autoimmunity or the Germ Theory of Disease.  The protocol is friendly and easy to follow and is supported by guidance from John Thomas as needed.

The MicroBiota Protocol is based on Young Again Club concept of TERRAIN MANAGEMENT  Stated precisely: the TERRAIN CONTROLS what occurs or fails to occur in the body as reflected by the immune system and the intestinal mucosa.

The human genome is, at most, 1% human.  The other, 99% of our genetic make-up is comprised of DNA from bacteria and other life-forms.  In other words, we are NOT who or what we think we are! 

The genes and DNA we inherit from our parents have very little to do with who we are, what we look like, our emotions, our health, our body structure and to a LARGE DEGREE whether we will suffer illness and disease.  These things are actually determined by our microbiota, microbiome and epi-genome.

Restoration and maintenance of the intestinal mucosa is the central to restoration of PRIMAL IMMUNITY, which is immunity we are supposed to receive from mom on the day of birth.

Background Information

Mucosa [intestinal]: the mucin-based protective lining of the intestinal wall.

Mucin is produced by certain specific species of intestinal bacteria that require oligosaccaride substrates as a food supply for production of healthy mucous.

Mucous is made by bacteria such as Akkermansia municiphilia, Faecalibacterium and certain Bifidobaceria species.  Everyone has these bacteria, however, what they lack is a food supply that feeds them so they can do their job and make lots of healthy mucous.  
These specialized bacteria respond to endospheric, master bacteria provided by the YAC Immune Protocol.

When mucin producing bacteria are supplied with a mucin substrate, production of intestinal mucus increases and the TIGHT-JUNCTIONS of the intestinal wall remain closed [the opposite of a leaky gut], and intestinal infection is avoided.

When the microbiota and intestinal mucosa are disturbed OR becomes perturbed by stress, bad diet, fungal invasion and especially ANTIBIOTICS, AND GLYPHOSATE, hundreds of species of friendly bacteria die and release chemicals that signal the immune system that a crisis is in progress. 

The signal molecules are called LPS, and their job is to OPEN THE TIGHT JUNCTIONS OF THE INTESTINAL WALL and create a flushing effect to purge the system of toxic poisons from whatever the source.  If the response is severe, the effects range from extreme fatigue, fever, acute, uncontrollable diarrhea and severe electrolyte depletion.  THIS IS DANGER TERRITORY!

In mild form, a permeated gut wall is called, leaky-gut syndrome.  In the case of infection where the gut wall is under severe stress, the attack produces a cytokine storm where the immune system goes out of control producing MASSIVE inflammatory response.  Sepsis [blood poisoning] is a classic example.

Virulent infections always involve and are usually PRECEDED by infestation of fungal yeast and molds and the presence of one or more virulent forms of bacterial species commonly present in the body IN THEIR NON VIRULENT FORMS [which present no threat, UNLESS the terrain changes.]  

Infections such as Clostridium difficile [C-diff], Klebsiella and methicilllin resistant staph aureus [MRSA] attack and overwhelm friendly bacteria of the microbiota leading to serious consequences and death. 

As of year 2018, approximately 100,000 people a year die and 1,000,000 infections occur from these types of infections.


Microbiota and microbiome are used synonymously, but they have very different meanings.

MICROBIOTA: is the community of commensal, symbiotic [and, yes, pathogenic] microorganisms normally resident in animals and plants.  The microbiota includes: bacteria, archaea, protists, fungi and viruses.  The microbiota orchestrates immunologic, hormonal and metabolic health of the organism.  The human microbiota should be composed of about 1600 different bacteria [plus other life forms.]  The microbiota IS the immune system.  A full-spectrum microbiota is what humans are supposed to receive from healthy mothers.  Anyone born after 1935, when sulfa drugs [the predecessors of today’s antibiotics] became popular, was born with the burden of a compromised microbiota.  Today’s antibiotics have made matters immensely, worse!

MICROBIOME: the entirety of our collective DNA [genome].  Our genome is the total of all human DNA + all microbial DNA in the body.  The microbiome is controlled by the epigenome [see below.]  The epigenome regulates the microbiota that makes-up our DNA.  Human DNA is NOT FIXED as popularly believed.  When someone says, “Oh, my tests show I have a defect in my DNA!” know that someone with CREDENTIALS told them a big, fat lie!  Nature knows how to correct so-called defective DNA through our epigenome.  [People should be TERRIFIED of medical madmen who play GOD and want to tweak DNA.  Assuming tests are accurate [a huge assumption!], please realize that DNA mutations are transient [NOT FIXED!] and are controlled by the epigenome!  DNA manipulation is Frankenstein Medicine!  You don’t know WHAT you’re going to get!

EPIGENOME: regulates DNA and gene expression, tissue development and differentiation and suppression of transposable elements and molecules.  The DNA we received from our parents is mostly static, a lattice of ON and OFF switches CONTROLLED BY THE EPIGENOME.  Our genes are dynamic and malleable to subject to alteration by environmental conditions: stress, diet, emotions and toxins, whether produced internally or from outside sources.  Anything that affects the epigenome affects DNA and gene expression.  For example, antibiotics, vaccinations, free-radicals, environmental poisons, medications, food additives and poor-quality food.  Run-away infections such as C-diff, MRSA and fungal yeast devastate the epigenome.

MUCOSA: the mucous lining of the inside of the large and small intestine.  Mucous is made by specialized mucin producing bacteria.  Mucous protects and seals the gut wall from leaking food into the blood stream.  Destruction or deterioration of the mucosa allows the normally tight junctions of the intestinal wall to open, producing autoimmune responses such as allergy, leaky-gut, skin outbreaks, brain fog, rashes, asthma, etc.

Your microbiota should be composed of about 1600 distinctly, different bacteria [plus other microbial life forms. The microbiota IS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM!  It is what we are supposed to receive from a healthy mother during the birthing process and during breast feeding thereafter.

The total DNA of your microbiota accounts for 99% of all the DNA in the body.   These days, children begin life with about 800 bacterial species, or one half of what is needed for a healthy life.

It is critical the reader understand that bacteria MORPH ACCORDING TO THE CONDITIONS of the body’s terrain.  So-called good bacteria have the ability to change species and/or take-on their virulent forms according to the conditions of the terrain.  This is a CORE CONCEPT of Young Again Club.  

The microbiome is controlled by master bacteria if they are present, and unless you have followed the YAC Immune Protocol, you can ASSUME you are missing master, bacterial endospheres. 

We are born with master bacteria, [IF mother had them, and few human adults alive today worldwide have them because either they never received them from their mothers or the master bacteria were KILLED BY ANTIBIOTICS.]

If mom does not have a full-spectrum microbiota [including bacterial endospheres], baby does not inherit them, and if mom were to have them, baby will lose them the first time antibiotics are taken and/or when vaccinations are introduced.  Once these bacteria are lost, they must be reintroduced or immune function cannot reestablish itself.

Endospheric bacteria are not available from health supplement suppliers, and cannot be obtained from the food chain or by use of probiotics, NO MATTER what method of delivery the manufacturer heralds, or the quantity of "live" bacteria or the specie variety of the product under consideration.   [Save you money; probiotics are useless because they don't survive the stomach and they DO NOT contain endospheres.]

Endosheric bacteria can survive in the external environment.  Please DO NOT confuse bacterial spores with endospheres.  Spores are the offspring of bacteria, where endospheres are ADULT bacteria in protected, DORMANT form.  Spores are not endospheres.

For instance, endospheres remain viable in the elements for millions of years.  Sun, rain, radiation, water, heat do not affect them.  However, in the body environment of the small intestinal gut, they hatch, grow and TAKE CONTROL OF OTHER BACTERIAL SPECIES in the microbiome and ORCHESTRATE all bacterial activity.  That is why they are called, MASTER bacteria.

These specialized bacteria are available from Young Again Club under the names EndoBiotica and EndoMax.  Both are components of the Immune Protocol.  

The single most damaging input to the body that damages and destroys BOTH the microbiota and the mucosa are ANTIBIOTICS and the so-called herbicide, RoundUp [glyphosate].

Regarding glyphosate, nothing comes close to its ability to disrupt and destroy immune function and homeostasis because it has the ability to cross cell membranes and KILL YOUR MITOCHONDRIA.

Antibiotics cause fungi to grow and takeover the immune system and produce mycotoxins that control and orchestrate hormones and dictate vital organ functions and overall health.  [See Mold & Fungus Protocol by clicking hyperlink or in Programs and Protocol link below.]

Glyphosate stimulates BACTERIAL RESISTANCE by 100.000 times.  Residues of glyphosate [already in our bodies] act as jet fuel for the growth pathogenic, virulent organisms.  

In a healthy body, non-virulent forms of pathogenic bacteria do not cause trouble because they are in balance and disease CANNOT manifest. Antibiotics and NSAIDS (over the counter pain drugs) are indiscriminate and destroy friendly organisms we need to maintain health and the terrain of the body, while contraceptives and steroidal drugs feed the growth of fungal yeast and production of mycotoxins.

Organisms act as middlemen (mediators) between the food consumed and the gut wall. Probiotic supplements are a nice idea, but they DO NOT and CANNOT repair a damaged, compromised intestinal wall and reestablish Primal Immunity.  This can be only be accomplished with endospheric bacteria and mucin-producing, bacterial-substrate support of the YAC Immune and Microbiota Protocols.

Sweets (sugar, fruit juice, fructose, agave etc.) alter the gut environment in favor of pathogenic organisms which alters the matrix.  So do toxic chemicals, drugs and unhealthy food, meats and vegetables raised with ANTIBIOTICS or antibiotic laden fertilizers [think organic!]  Stress has serious negative influence on the microbiome. 

ANYTHING that influences the human gnome [DNA and genes] is a component of the EPIGENOME [see above.] The epigenome CONTROLS the human genome [DNA and genes] which are static structures of ON and OFF switches.  DNA is not a fixed system, but a malleable one.  

All autoimmune conditions, disorders and syndromes are effects of the body’s immune system going into a state of hyper activity which is WRONGLY described as the immune system attacking the host.  INFLAMMATION is the most common and ubiquitous effect of anything, autoimmune in nature.

When undigested food proteins enter the blood stream through a leaky-gut wall, they set-off immune reactions that the medical system calls disease when they are not diseases at all, but immune system over-responses.

Examples are; cancer, diabetes, asthma, fibromyalgia, lyme; arthritis, gout, neuropathy, bowel disorders, prostate and bladder infections (so-called), etc. which are the SIDE-EFFECTS of fungal mycotoxins on metabolism and hormones in a system whose immune function is dysfunctional.

Know, if you have health issues, your terrain needs tending and you need guidance. 

Individual guidance is provided without cost. 

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  How much are you willing to tolerate?  

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