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Gut Protocol:

Central to poor health and disease is the immune system.  Central to the immune system is systemic inflammation radiating from a compromised and inflamed small intestinal wall i.e. the gut.

The gut is 15 feet long, beginning at the outlet from the stomach and ending at the cecum. The cecum is about the size of a clinched fist; it is the transitional zone between where the gut ends and the colon (large intestine begins. The appendix dangles from the cecum which is encircled by Peyer’s Patch which is perhaps the single most toxic and waste burdened area of the body; hence, problems and flare-ups are called, appendicitis.

The intestinal wall is the location of the body’s immune system, and it is the gut wall that dictates how the body reacts to systemic threats. The gut is the focal point of the bio-electric body’s ‘terrain’ and autoimmune responses are ‘central’ to all degenerative disorders, syndromes and so-called dis-eases.

Contrary to medical folklore and urban myth, there is no such thing as ‘genetic’ diseases or disease caused by pathogenic organisms. The ‘terrain’ controls and by the time the geneticist can see damage to the DNA, it has already occurred.  

DNA damage is like looking in the rear view mirror and seeing where you have already been. Think of genetics in past-tense terms. Children born with so-called genetic disorders reflect the mother’s environment and life while the child is in the womb.

The genetic DNA argument is defective. If the body was incapable of correcting DNA or restoring itself, the entire human race would not exist.  It is established fact that when entire populations of people are fed well and live in congenial societies,

The DNA is not the controlling infrastructure running the body. The epigenome overrides and controls DNA. And the immune system is what controls the epigenome, which brings us back to the gut wall. Signs and symptoms are autoimmune responses; when the immune system is unable to identify problems in the system and correct them, autoimmune reactions occur and the body’s very own immune system ‘attacks’ the host; hence, ‘autoimmune!’

Restore the gut microbiome and restore a porous, reactive, and compromised gut wall and the immune system settles and stops attacking the host.

Virtually every degenerative condition, regardless of how it is spelled, is autoimmune driven.  The process by which the body’s immune system loses control is called The Autoimmune Attack Cycle™ Health and regeneration are impossible until gut and microbiome issues are addressed and put to bed.

To accomplish the restoration process, all factors affecting the immune system must be evaluated and addressed. For example, current or previous use of antibiotics, use of NSAIDS (over the counter pain pills), diet, digestion issues, intake of fats, bowel activity, bowel disorders age, emotional make-up, sex, skin disorders etc.

Use of Russian discovered prebiotic modalities and biologically active probiotics are part of the process. Neutralization of the ‘effects’ of high stress and emotionally charged lifestyles is crucial. Restoration and extension of the deep sleep cycle is a prerequisite.  All of these factors must be assessed and addressed in order to create the environment for the body to heal itself.

Because the intestinal wall cannot repair itself without direct intervention and guidance, the Gut Protocol is used as a temporary support adjunct for racemized, gut factors used to assist the body regenerate the intestinal wall and shut-down the Autoimmune Attack Cycle.

The Gut Protocol is used for takes 4-12 weeks and involves a number of products.

Breaking of the Autoimmune Attack Cycle means: settling of the immune system; restoration of the gut wall and elimination of systemic inflammation driving poor health and suffering, conditions ranging from:  asthma to cancer, arthritis to gout; fibromyalgia to MS, diabetes to bowel disorders.  The list is ‘endless’.

So if you are suffering or have lost control of the ‘terrain’ of the bio-electric body, it is time to take control of your life and your health by getting out the way.

The body is very good at restoring itself if you provide the environment for healing to occur.  In other words, let your body show you what it is capable of doing.  Sickness and disease are default conditions where the body has no choice but to grow old, shut down and die.

The Gut Protocol can be used independently or with the Restore Protocol.  When used together, both Protocols are enhanced.  Systemic inflammation is behind hundreds of dis-eases, syndromes and disorders that go under hundreds of different 'labels'. 

The Gut Protocol is designed to reestablish the gut microbiome using Russian discovered immunogens. Immunogens are lysed, dead microbes that cause the immune system to respond opposite to the way that NASIDS, antibiotics and medications produce. 

Gut Protocol can be used independently or with the Restore Protocol.  When used together, they  ‘settle’ systemic inflammation. Inflammation manifests in hundreds of ways, therefore there are hundreds of 'labels' associated with dis-ease, syndromes and disorders.  

Ask for guidance.