​Essential Elements Protocol &
[Modified] Essential Elements Protocol]

Anecdotal Observations by John Thomas


Essential elements are necessary for orchestrating functions and maintenance of the body's vital organs.

The body is made to heal and regenerate, and to fulfill that potential it requires essential elemental ions that are 100% absorbable and functionally, active.  Aging and disease are PROOF of elemental shortfalls haunting the general population.

The Essential Elements Protocol meets the body's need for essential elements that simply CANNOT be met through a so-called healthy, dietary habits REGARDLESS of the 'theoretical' value of the food you eat or how the food was produced or reliance on food supplements people mistakenly assume will meet their body's needs.  They can't and they don't.

Because soils are DEPLETED of essential elements, food cannot possibly meet the body needs for growth and repair.  Moreover, common supplemental approaches do not get the job done because of insufficient quantities of available elemental ions, inappropriate molecular forms and incorrect electrical 'charge' of elemental ions that conflict with absorption and utilization.

If you want to maintain your health and recover what has already been forfeited, you simply must supplement with the Essential Elements Protocol.  Young Again Club is thrilled to offer a viable, full-spectrum array of essential elements in concentrated, energy-footprint enhanced, liquid forms.

The 'Modified' Essential Elements Protocol Package includes six of fifteen elements with emphasis on thyroid function, breasts, prostate, testicles, hormones and ovaries.  The following six elements are absolutely critical [Iodine, selenium, boron, zinc, chromium and B-12] and others may be needed according to individual need.  Fifteen essential elements are available at this time.  For most people over age 50, all fifteen elements are needed and fully justified.  [Ask for guidance if you have questions.]

The Essential Elements Protocol is not a temporary patch, band-aid approach to good health.  Allow 90 days for your system to fully load the elements.  In the interim, expect good things as your system wakes-up!  The Essential Elements Protocol is about your future, not your past.

 Some of the desired effects will be immediate; others will manifest slowly.  The process takes one full year to establish and ongoing maintenance is a lifelong process.  Welcome it!


Comment: some people are born to mothers who suffered from element depletion and our health suffered because of it.  As we grow older [meaning, beyond age 35] elemental reserves become depleted.  Signs and symptoms of disease and aging should be viewed as confirmation of depletion of essential elements depletion.  

Poor health is not what it appears!  Health issues and premature aging are the tip of the iceberg!  Everything affects everything in dynamic living systems such as the human body.  There are many moving parts in the good health/poor health story.  You will need personalized guidance.  Please take advantage of it.  

Also, you will need to exercise PATIENCE!  It takes time for a train to reverse direction.  As your body WAKES-UP, you will experience different stages of healing!  Expect it and welcome it; it's a process.  Some desired effects will be immediate; others will manifest slowly.  The process takes 90 days to begin to fully manifest and one full year to complete.  Ongoing maintenance is a lifelong process.  Welcome it!

Don't assume you can navigate the restoration process on your own.  Don't allow your schooling and/or credentials to get in the way.  Don't allow preconceived ideas of health to cloud your thinking.  Put your ego away.  Poor health knows no boundaries.  Highly intelligent people suffer and die like everyone else.  Your job is make-sure you are not one of them.

 Regeneration counts more than survival.  The Essential Elements Protocol provides the elemental spark plugs to regenerate.  Premature aging and poor health are NOT inevitable.  We can't avoid death, but you can rewind your clock and stick around for as long as you wish.  

As you review the details of each of the essential elements listed below, you will discover yourself or someone you know who suffers unnecessarily and who may be trapped in the sick-care medical system, when the real issue is DEPLETION of their elemental reserves.

Aging and disease have NOTHING to do with your family history and your genes.  The body is made to repair and regenerate and it will, if you have the elements to do it.  The elements are the spark plugs that allow the vital organs to do their job.

[Dosages for element[s] are provided on the General Instruction Sheet that comes with them.  All elements are added to a single glass of water at the same time and taken two times daily.]

THE 15 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS [Listed in alphabetic order]

Boron [B]: an essential element of widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms,  and animals with antiviral, antiseptic and anti-fungal qualities, essential for bone metabolism and efficient use of magnesium and calcium utilization, proper function of ovaries, testes and adrenal glands.  Needed for normal maintenance of estrogen and testosterone, dramatically reduces loss of calcium, magnesium and phosphorous and prevents loss of bone density in females and older men,  stabilizes and manages estrogen and testosterone levels in menopausal and post-menopausal women and men.  Boron deficiency diseases and symptoms: Poor bone development and metabolism, hormone dysfunctions [sexual, adrenal and thyroid, mold and fungal yeast takeover of metabolism, hair and nail issues, sexual dysfunction [male and female], loss of magnesium reserves, .  Boron functions as a biologic catalyst and metabolic cofactor for healthy metabolism and for reduction of hundreds of deficiency disorders. widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms,  has a wide role in the electron transport chain, oxygen transport, required for aerobic respiration, required, in conjunction with iron for reduction of oxygen, found in super oxide dismutases.  Essential for all living organisms and a cofactor in hundreds of metalloenzymes.  Needed for DNA and RNA metabolism, hair and skin melanin [color/pigment], elasticity of skin and connective tissue fibers, especially elasticity of blood vessels and vertebral discs.

Copper [CU]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms,  has a wide role in the electron transport chain, oxygen transport, required for aerobic respiration, required, in conjunction with iron for reduction of oxygen, found in super oxide dismutases.  Essential for all living organisms and a cofactor in hundreds of metalloenzymes.  Needed for DNA and RNA metabolism, hair and skin melanin [color/pigment], elasticity of skin and connective tissue fibers, especially elasticity of blood vessels and vertebral discs. Copper Deficiency diseases and symptoms: aneurysms, anemia, hypo and hyper thyroid, juvenile arthritic spurs in growth plates of long bones/abnormal plate development and damage ], bulging discs, liver cirrhosis, MS, Kawasaki Disease, violent behavior [violent anger, explosive behavior, criminal attributes], learning disabilities, cerebral palsy [demyalination of  cerebellum and spinal cord], high blood cholesterol, brain hyperplasia, hermosiderosis, hypoglycemia [blood sugar metabolism] and neutropenia [low white blood cell count].  Copper is a factor in mad cow disease, and Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease, retarded growth in infants, low body temperature and deterioration of brain tissue [dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s].  Concentrated in the brain, liver, heart and kidneys with large amounts in bone and muscle.

Calcium [Ca]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, structural component of all calcareous tissues [bones, teeth], cofactor in biological electrochemical reactions such as neurotransmitter release and muscle contraction, electrical conduction of the heart, cell depolarization. Required for release of energy from ATP, heartbeat regulation, muscle tone and nerve stimulation and communication.  Most abundant mineral in the body. Bones contain 99% of calcium reserves; not the cause of kidney or gallbladder stones.  Loss of calcium related to acidification of waste in the, tissues.  Lack of vitamin D and stomach acid cause calcium deficiency.  Calcium deficiency diseases and symptoms: osteoporosis, receding gums, arthritis, hypertension, insomnia, spurs, restless leg, cramps, twitches, PMS, low back issues, neuropathy, panic attack, poor clotting time of blood, colorectal cancer, intestinal issues.

Chromium [Cr]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, activates phosphoglucosonetase and other enzymes  associated with GTF [glucose tolerance factor], very little chromium is stored in the body [must be constantly replenished], concentrations higher in newborns and steadily decreases with age, an active component of blood glucose and insulin metabolism, insufficiencies lead to a variety of clinical diseases and shortened life expectancy, chromium shortfalls are aggravated by concurrent vanadium deficiency and excess consumption of carbohydrates and sugars.  Chromium deficiency diseases and symptoms: hypoglycemia, reactive hypoglycemia, bed wetting, pe-diabetes, diabetes types II and III, hyperinsulinemia, hyperactivity, learning disability, ADD/ADHD, hyperirritability, depression, manic depression, bi-polar disease, violent temperament swings, impaired growth, peripheral neuropathy, muscle loss [wasting syndrome], coronary artery disease, aortic cholesterol plaque, infertility [anovulation/low sperm count] and shortened life span.

Iodine [I]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, causes goiter and hypothyroidism due to dietary copper deficiency without which iodine utilization is poor, critical for thyroid hormone production, regulation of digestion, heart rate, body temperature, sweat gland function, nerve function, reproductive system, general metabolism and body weight. In females, iodine is store in the thyroid, ovaries and beasts.  In males, iodine is stored in the thyroid, testicles and prostate.  Iodine deficiency diseases and symptoms: cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular, disorders.  Iodine insufficiency affects all metabolic functions, including gluten intolerance, pituitary problems [TSH] and general deficiencies.  Fatigue, cold intolerance, muscle aches/pains, heavy/overly frequent menstrual periods, low sex drive, brittle nails, weight gain, hair loss, muscle cramps, depression, constipation, elevated blood cholesterol, puffy face, dry skin and hair, inability to concentrate, poor memory, goiter, infertility and congenital birth defects and Cretinism, insomnia, heat intolerance, excessive sweating, light/less frequent periods, hand tremors, rapid pulse, bug eyes, weight loss, increased appetite, muscle weakness, over-active bowel movements, irritability, nervousness and goiter.  NOTE: Potassium iodide is the least effective form of iodine supplementation.  Absorption and utilization of iodine requires simultaneous presence of biologically active zinc and selenium, all of which are available in enhanced, bioactive liquid form for effective supplementation.

Lithium [Li]: widespread deficiency in humans that manifests as reproductive failure, infertility, reduced growth and repair rate, shortened life expectancy and serious behavioral problems [manic depression, clinical depression, Jekyll/Hyde personalities, hyperactivity, ADD, ADHD and autism] are hallmarks of Li deficiency.

Clinically, healthy people show 400 times more Li in hair samples and live substantially happier and drama free lives.  Supplementation of Li has beneficial effects on overall body physiology.

Common supplemental sources of Li [metallic form] are NOT biologically active or available, but when supplied in biologically active forms, Li increases concentrations of V [vanadium], Al [aluminum, Pb [lead], As [arsenic], and Co [copper] in hair samples, which is indicative of heavy metal movement OUT OF THE BRAIN [the head receives 40% of blood each time the heart beats].  In other words, Li functions as a natural chelator of heavy and disruptive metal concentrations in the body.

Li also elevates serum B-12 levels when B-12 is supplied in liquid, bio-active form [available from YAC].  Pill forms of Li are poorly absorbed.

Magnesium [Mg]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, electrochemical, catalytic and structural functions, major enzyme activator, a constituent of chlorophyll in plants and hemoglobin metabolism in humans, involved in over 10,000 biochemical reactions in humans, required for production and transfer of energy for protein synthesis, muscle contractibility and nerve excitability, acts as a cofactor in myriads of enzyme systems, plays an antagonistic role in muscle contraction opposite of calcium.  Magnesium deficiency diseases and symptoms: asthma, anorexia, menstrual migraines, ECG changes, neuromuscular issues, convulsions, depression, depression, muscular weakness, muscle cramp, charley horse, tremors, vertigo, calcification of small arteries and capillaries and malignant calcification of soft tissue [tumors].

Manganese [Mn]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, activates enzyme systems including that of glucose metabolism, energy production, super oxide dismutase, a major constituent of metalloenzymes, hormones and proteins, critical to development and restoration of joint cartilage and fragile ear bones.  Manganese deficiency diseases and symptoms: congenital birth defects, asthma, convulsions, retarded growth, skeletal defects, disruption of fat and carbohydrate metabolism, joint problems in children, [ligament and tendon degeneration, TMJ, carpal tunnel, and repetitive motion syndrome, chondromalacia, infertility [failure to ovulate, testicular atrophy, miscarriage, loss of libido, shortened long bones.

Molybdenum [Mo]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms as a constituent of numerous metalloenzymes known to be an integral part of no less than three essential enzymes: xanthine oxidase, aldehyde oxidase and sulfite oxidase.

Mo is essential to normal, healthy metabolism and body physiology and is best obtained in liquid bio-active form [available from YAC].  Pill forms are poorly absorbed.

Potassium [K]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, a major cation in cellular cytoplasm with a wide variety of electrochemical/catalytic functions, participates in maintenance of fluid balance, osmotic equilibrium and interacts with calcium in regulation of neuromuscular activity. Potassium deficiency diseases and symptoms: muscular weakness and mental apathy hypokalemic cardia failure.  Potassium is so important to homeostasis and well-being with widespread interaction in all metabolic, chemical reactions either directly or indirectly.

Strontium [Sr]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, can replace calcium when in a deficiency state, prevents receptor attachment of strontium 90 [the man made radioactive isotope and product of nuclear fission.] Strontium deficiency diseases and symptoms: associated with certain calcium and boron resistant osteopenia, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and degenerative arthritis [rheumatoid].

Selenium [Se]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, most efficient antioxidant [anti-peroxidant], involved in glutathione production, prevents cellular lipid peroxidation, useful for ‘age pigment’ issues of the skin, helps collagen formation in connective tissue, prevents development of  immune deficiency diseases and management of them, infertility in men and women, infant mortality and crib death, scoliosis, cardiomyopathy, muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, anemia, hypothyroidism, lowered immunity, chronic fatigue, myalgia, muscle tenderness, fibromyalgia, lupus, pancreatitis, anorexia nervosa, irregular heart beat [arrythmia], cataracts, cancer, cardiomyopathy, liver cirrhosis, cancer, SIDS syndrome, improves genome stability and maintenance of telomere function and length, protects cellular and organelle bi-lipid membranes from oxidative damage.  Selenium deficiency diseases and symptoms: HIV [AIDS], anemia [red cell fragility], age spots and liver spots, fatigue, muscular weakness, myalgia [fibromyalgia, muscle pain and soreness], Rhyabdomyalisis [muscle wall breakdown following exercise], scoliosis, muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, mulberry heart disease, multiple sclerosis, blindness, heart palpitations, cirrhosis of liver, pancreatitis, pancreatic atrophy, ALS [Lou Gehrig’s], Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s infertility, low birth weight, infant mortality, miscarriages, SIDS [sudden infant death syndrome], cancer, sickle-cell anemia and hypothyroidism.

Vanadium [Va]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, critical for stimulation of glucose [blood sugar] oxidation, and transport in fat cels and glycogen synthesis in liver and muscle, and inhibits liver gluconeogenesis [production of glucose from fat and absorption of glucose from the gut.

Health-minded individuals should think of Va in terms of symptoms associated with metabolic syndrome [cardiovascular issues, diabetes, kidney problems, abdominal obesity, high serum triglycerides, elevated blood pressure (hypertension) and low HDL cholesterol].

Va enhances the stimulating effect of insulin on. DNA synthesis.  When provided to diabetic rats in bio-active, liquid form [available from YAC], blood glucose levels of diabetic rats returned to the same levels of normal controls.

Va inhibits cholesterol synthesis and is associated with decreased plasma levels of cholesterol and reduces aortic deposits of cholesterol and calcium that settles out-of-solution and forms plaque deposits and thrombus release associated with stoke and heart attack.

Va initiates increase in contractile force of heat muscle known as the 'inotrophic effect.'  Va has known anti-carcinogenic properties and is known to block of mammary tumor growth and reduction of tumor incidence, thus offering a natural means for health-minded individuals to address 'C' related issues without KNOWN side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Va functions like insulin by altering cell membrane function for ion transport processes, and therefore Va has a very beneficial effect in humans with glucose-tolerance problems that are common in people with hypoglycemia, reactive hypoglycemia, hyperinsulinemia and type 1 and type 2 and type 3 diabetes by making cell membrane insulin receptors more sensitive to insulin which greatly reducing the burden on pancreatic b-cells [responsible for insulin production].

Based on Va's effects on diabetic and insulin vulnerable populations, Va offers great promise for people suffering from pre-diabetes [the other 50% of the population who are not-yet diabetics].

Dis-eases Associated wIth Clinical Deficiency of Vanadium:  Slow growth, increased infant mortality, infertility., elevated cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, hypoglycemia, hyperinsulimnemia, types 1, 2 & 3 diabetes, cardiovascular dis-ease and obesity.

Vitamin B-12: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, critical for utilization of essential elements and vitamins, required for synthesis of DNA and RNA responsible for carrying the human genome, required for bone marrow function and production of myelin [nerve fiber sheath], folate metabolism and uptake of folic acid.  Cyanocobalamin is a common supplemental form that is poorly absorbed.  Sublingual forms are better, but without sufficient intrinsic factor of little benefit. Racemize-enhanced, liquid, methylated form from Young Again Club provides maximum absorption and utilization of this critical molecule. Vitamin B-12 deficiency diseases and symptoms: pernicious anemia [macrocytic and megaloblastic], dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, neuropsychiatric behavior, neuropathy, brain, spinal cord, optic nerve, and peripheral nerve demyelination, sore tongue, general weakness, liver disease poor digestion, lack of intrinsic factor, lack of stomach acid.

Zinc [Zn]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, provides a wide range of protection against myriads of clinical diseases, a cofactor in enzyme systems and hormone production and management, critical for strong immune system and utilization of iodine and selenium, participates in metabolism of nucleic acids and proteins.  Zinc deficiency diseases and symptoms: Down’s syndrome, cleft lip and palate, brain defects, spina bifida, clubbed limbs, webbed fingers and toes, missing limbs, digits and teeth, hiatal hernia, heart and lung defects, urogenital defects and issues, pica, profuse sweating [think menopause], lost sense of smell and taste, infertility, miscarriage, birth defects, failure of wounds to heal, immune system failure, short stature, infant mortality, hypogonadism, perpetual prepuberty, anemia, ,hair loss, psoriasis and eczema, gluten intolerance, celiac disease, frizzy hair, diarrhea, depression, paranoia, oral dermatitis, anorexia, bulimia, gluten issues, BHP [benign prostate hypertrophy and severe body odor.

Availability of the following enhanced, essential elements to be announced.

Sulphur [S],  Silica [Si], Cobalt [Co], Tellurium [Tu], Phosphorous [P] and Indium [In].  Folate and NADH [while not elements] will join B-12 in bio-active form].

 John Thomas, Author (509) 465-4154 or email: johnthomas@YoungAgainClub.com.