Enema Protocols – (Low & High)

This topic is the single most socially polarizing and foreign topic for visitors to Young Again Club.

First, I will provide a comprehensive overview of the subject; then the particulars of the procedure.

Please set aside ANY and ALL preconceived ideas you may have on this topic or you will sabotage the learning process.  Few people have any idea about low/high enemas, what they are and why they should be done. 

Doctors and health practitioners are generally ignorant on this subject; they do not know, and they have built-in biases, so ignore them and their opinions and learn for yourself by putting to practice this most valuable practice.

If you need confirmation and support from a so-called medical authority in order to venture into this beneficial health modality, you are NOT a viable candidate.

Daily practice of enemas provides the single most important and least expensive benefits anyone can incorporate into their daily life.  Benefits has profound and long term with wonderful, health implications.

Bazar and crazy ideas surround this wonderful procedure because the public does not understand that your bowels influence, and to a large degree, control every critical function of the body from head to toe and birth until death.

People suffer from foolish ideas about enema therapy, such as:  it’s unnatural, or it will make my body 'dependent', or someone might find out and think I am weird, or enemas will wash away my friendly bacteria, or if God wanted me to do enemas I would have been born with a enema bag, or it’s unsanitary, or I don’t need to do enemas, my bowels are fine; or I am regular.  

None of these things are accurate and none of them are valid objections.  All of them are empty objections by people who simply don’t want to go there, which is fine, as long as they understand that growing old, aging and suffering are also, NOT NATURAL!

Aging and suffering occur because we sabotage the body and accumulate waste and toxins in our tissues and prevent the body from regenerating itself. 

The choice is yours! Your future depends on this very wonderful procedure.  Best of all, no one has to know you do enemas unless you open your big mouth AND TELL THEM!

So, go to work.  You will get the hang of it.  There are some simple tricks to the enema process (which only takes 2-3 minutes to do, sitting on the toilet as you normally would) that insure that enemas are cleaner, faster and easier than normal defecation!

Learn and practice the YAC Enema Protocol and you will fall in LOVE IT, especially when you see the results in your life and appearance!  Moreover, you will have boundless energy, weight issues will ease, mood swings and depression will moderate and/or disappear. 

Best of all, you won’t need to subject yourself to the lies and fallacies inherent of the SICK-CARE system, and you won't be able to remember your doctor's name because you don’t have one or need his services.  Oh, I forgot to mention that all those ‘wonderful’ pills you will avoid all of those not-so-wonderful side-effects and contraindications that come with the use of drugs.

Learn This Lesson Now

The solution to your health challenges is the same as what you would do to avoid them.

Premature aging and suffering are NOT NORMAL and your DNA and genes have NOTHING to do with your health issues.  These are widely-held, idea patients and practitioners are taught so we have something to blame that is supposedly outside our control and therefore, justification for the miseries from which we suffer.

Genetic [as taught and understood] is designed to confuse and provide a villain; smoke and mirrors from the WIZARDS of medicine.  Better to learn how to care for yourself and not bother with all the "medical noise!"

The enema is one of the simplest and most effective procedures available everyone that allow you to take control of and maintain one's health.  Use enemas 
to TRAIN your body to release waste 3-5 times a day.  The process will take 1-2 years.

People who suffer sluggish bowels []or any type of bowel disorder from hemorrhoids to diverticulitis] soon discover the joy enemas deliver. 

For those who are wondering why they need to learn this simple procedure when they don’t feel they have a problem, the Young Again Club response is: because the body will not release stored waste unless you can provide a means for the body to release waste from your tissues and  get it into the toilet.

Low Enema Therapy (LET)

Low Enema Protocol is accomplished sitting on the toilet in normal position and rectally infusing plain tap water into the rectal cavity. 

The process is done using a special type of enema bag filled with regular, room-temperature, tap water in the bag and hanging [on a wall hook, rope, window handle, etc.] about two feet above your head.  You are NOT doing or using so-called "fleet" enemas found in drug stores because they are fo babies and otherwise, WORTHLESS. 

Secondly, you do NOT want a "water bottle" type bag that involves a screw-type plug with a hose attached.  Such a device is a water bottle, NOT an enema bag and is NOT easy and enjoyable to use. Special Enema Kits are available from youngagainclub.com with detailed instructions and support.

Insertion of the tip into the anus is very simple, unless you fail to practice the suggestions enclosed with your enema kit. 

Tip insertion stimulates the nerves of the colon and gut to relax and release waste, providing a full and satisfying bowel movement. The process is accomplished in 2-3 minutes,  instead of wasting time reading and trying to get your body to ‘let go’.  Water acts a lubricant and the enema tips triggers the muscles of the colon to let go!

Think of this protocol similar to using a bidet (European toilets that wash your bottom after defacation).  Here, you are not only washing the insides of your lower colon, but also the rectal area after the bowel has released.  You are using water toTRAIN your body to release waste without straining and laboring, followed by a bit of toilet paper to dry yourself.  You are doing this 3-5 times a day for improved health, more energy and aging reversal.

Contrary to preconceived ideas, misinformation and urban myths the enema does NOT cause dependence; it does NOT rob your body of friendly bacteria; and it is NOT unnatural to do.

People in general, and practitioners in particular (conventional and alternative)] fail to realize is that suffering and premature aging are directly linked to toxic waste overload, sluggish bowels and poor digestion.  

While not a dinner table subject, the value of Low Enema Protocol is priceless and those who use it enjoy superior health and better lives.  [And no one needs ‘KNOW’ your little secret unless you tell them!]

The enema kit is used over and over and lasts for many years.  The bag holds one quart of tap water which can deliver up to three enemas without refilling.  How much you need or use depends on YOU!  THe enemal kit  is portable and can be used discreetly when traveling or away from home, even in airport restrooms without calling attention to yourself. 

The most efficient way to use set up and use your enema kit is to keep it full of water and hanging by your toilet, and ready to go.  There is NO REASON to sanitize it each and every time, or at all, keeping in mind WHERE you are putting clean tap water!!!!

Persaonal sanitation is greatly MINIMIZED because you are simply filling, releasing and drying.  There is NO NEED to go "germophobic" and wash and sanitize the tip after using it because there is nothing there.  It is MUCH MORE sanitary than the usual poop and wipe process that people normally employ.

The YAC Enema Kit comes complete with detailed instructions which you can request by email.

Sluggish bowels and stress related to travel are what cause people to become ill, NOT their exposure to bad air and sick people on the plane.

High Enema Therapy (HET)

High Enema Therapy is also known as a ‘colonic’ or deep enema.  

HET is done at home or in a colon therapist’s office.  The procedure requires special equipment and instruction in technique.
However, for our purposes here, think of HET as an ‘ongoing’ Low Enema done over a period of about one hour using 5-10 gallons of water as needed or desired while laying on your back in knees-up position directly over the toilet bowel.   

Both HET and LET are discussed thoroughly in the 6th edition of the book, Young Again!

Please ask for guidance if you wish to know more.   Assistance is provided, without cost.