Digestive Protocol & Digestive Trio

Digestive Package includes:  2 bottles of Pro-Ox [pink sticker on cap] and one each of D/S #3 and R/BHCl.  

All three formulas are taken together IMMEDIATELY BEFORE meal begins.  [Follow dosages on bottle caps.]

     Most meals: 2 ProOx [Pink sticker on cap] and 4 DiSorb #3 and 4 R/BHCI.
     Light/low volume meals: 1 ProOx [pink sticker on cap], 2 DiSorb #3 and 2 R/BHCI.

The Digestive Trio lasts 2-4 months, depending on how it is used and number of meals/day.  Ideally, you should only eat 2x/day and not suffer cravings or hunger.  To accomplish this, you will need guidance.

Pro-Ox Capsules
Follow bottle cap stickers for easy reference. DO NOT open capsules.  Dosage varies by body size, toxicity level, size of meal and bowel activity.  Purpose: Improve absorption of dietary fats; breakdown glyphosate [RoundUp] from incoming food residues and release of glyphosate residues from normal cell apoptosis of [about 3 million cells/day]; increase energy and improve adrenal/thyroid support. 

Pro-Ox breaks down intestinal mycotoxins and endotoxins so they cannot enter blood stream and trigger autoimmune reactions.  Expect some intestinal gas and cramping until system gets going.  Pro-Ox is not a laxative, but BREAKDOWN and RELEASE of intestinal toxins has a laxative effect.  Welcome it!

Follow bottle cap sticker for easy reference.  DO NOT chew tablets!  Purpose: digestion of dietary proteins in high acid stomach environment [low acid is BAD!]; trigger closure of esophageal sphincter [entry valve to stomach to avoid, acid reflux; prevent putrefaction of proteins in the small gut; improve nutrition through digestion; prevent weight gain and avoid hunger and cravings.

DiSorb Aid #3
Dosage: Follow bottle cap stickers,  DO NOT chew tablets.  This is a racemized formulation of powerful pancreatic enzymes and factors for processing of nutrients and food carbohydrates in the small gut.  Purpose: digestion of food in high alkaline environment of the small gut; helps avoid pancreas over-response to food carbs; ensures food is properly digested to avoid putrefaction and feeding of parasites and pathogenic organisms, avoid negative vagus nerve-to-brain signal response and prevent gluten reactions and inflammatory food responses.

The Digestive Protocol is designed to help your body function more efficiently by making use of food you eat and food supplements you take.  Undigested food not only deprives the body of needed nutrients, but it also poisons the system and triggers autoimmune-type responses that cause the body and immune system to overreact.

Comments & General Overview of Digestion

The focus of digestion is about more than the breakdown of the three most basic of food components:  proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Rather, digestion is about the amount of energy released from food nutrients; specifically the amount of hydrogen ions contained in food molecules that can enter the electron transport chain within the mitochondria.

Digestion is about the addition of hydrogen ]H2] ion to NAD+ to form NADH from which cellular energy in the form of ATP [adenosine triphosphate] is made.   

Digestive supplementation is a common topic within the health arena.  Unfortunately, common supplements are weak and poorly formulated, and offer a broad application that is energetically too weak to get the job done.  

The Young Again Club Digestive Protocol is very different than common digestive approaches.  Food categories are targeted individually with sufficiently potent and biologically active digestive support.

For example, proteins have very different requirements than fats and carbohydrates.  Trying to address all three food categories with a single broad spectrum supplement ignores the following:

By age 50, digestive capacity is HALF of what it was at age 24.  For each additional  5 years, digestive efficiency drops fifty percent <50%>.  By age 70, efficiency is less than 3% of age fifty.  [NOTE: when sewage workers pump septic tanks, they find thousands of UNDIGESTED medications and supplements.  People over age fifty suffer from nutrient depletion and don’t even know it!]

The Young Again Club Digestive Protocol deals with digestion and maintenance of vital organs [liver, heart, pancreas, kidneys, lungs and brain].  Poorly functioning organs says, compromised digestion. 

Icelandic Magic helps your colon FERMENT FOOD so you can make your own vitamins and restore your terrain so you can avoid polyps, bowel disorders, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular issues and arthritis.  Fermentation is your body does ongoing, self-help maintenance.

Because the energy profile of each food type is different, so the energy footprint of each supplement must be also be different.  Moreover, it is futile to try and measure and compare ‘potency’ based on so-called supplemental facts and milligrams and units of formulation.  Digestion involves the transfer of energy and if the supplemental energy footprint is weak, digestion will be incomplete.


Complete breakdown of proteins from all sources; animal, plant and parasitic (live parasites, microscopic organisms and their eggs) is crucial for the following reasons.  Protein breakdown occurs in stomach in a highly acid environment.  

Low acidity insures the following:  

Food proteins will not be fully digested; parasitic and pathogenic microbes will survive transit through the stomach and set up shop in the intestines and spread to the vital organs; the body will be denied the benefits associated with fully digested proteins i.e. maintenance, repair and growth of health tissues; undigested proteins entering the intestinal track create autoimmune reactions, triggering the Autoimmune Attack Cycle™; undigested proteins ‘rot’ i.e. putrefy in the gut (small intestine) and colon (large intestine); putrefied proteins release extremely toxic chemicals i.e. indoles, skatoles, phenols and ammonia into the body, poisoning the system and antagonizing immune response; toxic bowels leads to colon irregularities, polyps, and cancer plus, liver complications and loss of control of the body’s ‘terrain’; loss of control of the terrain speeds aging and premature death.
The Young Again Club method of assisting members in the correct processing of food proteins is totally unique and can be used by anyone for regeneration and good health.


Consumption of adequate amounts fats like butter and coconut oil with every meal is an absolute dietary requirement for; energy production, longevity, maintenance and regeneration of body tissues and hormone production.  

Approximately 80% of usable energy should derive from the burning of dietary fats.  To convert fats into usable energy, they must be absorbed and transported to the liver for processing and conversion.  Just eating fats is not sufficient to get the job done.

In order to assimilate dietary fats, the body must secrete sufficient bile.  Bile is the waste that the liver removes from the blood and stores in the gallbladder.  Eating triggers the release of bile and bile trigger the bowels to move.  

As the body ages, bile production diminishes.  Bile production drops dramatically after age 35 and becomes progressively worse with age.  The average person gets-by on 25-50% of food consumed and forfeit 75% of their potential energy because they fail to digest and process their food, fully.

Without enough available energy, the body cannot grow, heal and repair.  Choice of food is extremely important, but so is ability to process food and food supplements.  Processing of fat is of particular importance.  Fats offer the very best approach for ending food cravings. Eat and process your fats for boundless energy and a slim frame and figure.

Food cravings and overeating are malnourishment issues; they are NOT issues of hunger.  


Carbohydrates should comprise not more than 20% of dietary intake because they impose a heavy burden on the system.  Simple sugars are a dietary disaster regardless if they derive from table sugar, refined flour, fruit and fruit juices, agave or high fructose corn syrup. 

FYI: proteins are recycled.  Excess dietary proteins are converted to sugar, elevating blood sugar levels and fueling 'glycation' of red blood cells.  A1c is a measure of glycation over the period of 90 days prior to blood draw.

Excessive carbohydrates overload the pancreas, leads to pre-diabetic insulin resistance and unbalances the microbiome (gut flora and matrix).  

In summary, when diet and digestion are corrected and properly addressed, the body regenerates and the immune system and Autoimmune Attack Cycle settle down.

Guidance is available for anyone who requests help.

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