Blood Iron Protocol

The Young Again Club Blood Iron Protocol provides an alternative method for reduction of excess ferritin iron that does not require phlebotomy (blood letting).

The Blood Iron Protocol is based on use of specialized, bio-active natural chelators designed to slow rising ferritin and assist the removal of excess ferritin already present in the blood.  The product of choice is called, ReMove and is available from YoungAgainClub.

The Protocol does not conflict with medications an individual may be taking and since you are considered 'normal' anywhere between low and high test scores, you are free to reduce your numbers to whatever 'normal' level you wish.

The Blood Iron Protocol is slower than blood donation, but effective just the same. 

The Blood Iron Protocol has additional advantages, such as: increased energy, loss of [excess] body fat and improvement of memory, vision, hearing and cognitive functions—to name a few.

The process involves the use of three items: ReVive, ReNew & ReMove that are taken two times a day, in the am and early afternoon with water.

Generally, when doctor sees positive changes in your metabolism and profile from following the Blood Iron Protocol, doctor will have no choice but to help you wean-off of unnecessary medications.  Weaning is best done with doctor’s supervision.

The Blood Iron Protocol is great for independent minded people who wish to care for themselves and avoid entrapment in the sick-care system.

To insure YOUR future well-being and to avoid entrapment in the sick-care system, everyone's goal should be to: REDUCE YOUR FERRITIN IRON LEVELS to minimum test range level.

For Your Pet

For your pet (dogs & cats), the Blood Iron Protocol is the only viable method available that does not require putting animals through the 'drama' of an office visit, assuming the veterinarian will cooperate and not overcharge. 

The alternative to the stress and trauma of phlebotomy is the use of a food additive on pet's food.  The product of choice is called, ReMove and is available from YoungAgainClub

Please keep in mind, that no mater the brand or quality of the food you feed your pet, the food is LOADED with MASSIVE AMOUNTS of iron, often in the range of 3000%, which is an outrageous amount of iron to be giving our four legged friends.  [Certainly, far more than people are getting, and people are getting excessive amounts of iron which is why the Blood Iron Protocol was developed.]

Iron poisoning in pets is FAR MORE pronounced than in humans and leads to accelerated aging, systemic inflammation and early death.  Pets take OFF of iron fortified food and put on real food, [as in raw meats without chemicals and additives] can live an additional 20 YEARS of life.

It is no coincidence that pets suffer horribly from infected gums/teeth, arthritis and diabetes, to name just a few.  Now there is a way to undo the damage elevated iron causes our pet friends. 

Do NOT expect your veterinarian to agree or cooperate.  It is your pet and your responsibility to care for them, just as it your responsibility to care for yourself OUTSIDE of the sick-care system.

Be certain to read Special Insights,How Iron Toxicity Affects Your Health available on the website, under Publications.  Scroll to bottom and select from the Archive.