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John Thomas, Author

Young Again! 


About John Thomas

John Thomas is the author of Young Again!  How To Reverse The Aging Process.  At age 75, Thomas is often called, Mr. Young Again!  because he discovered why people age and what can be done to slow and reverse the process.

Now in its 25th year, the updated 6th edition of Young Again!  is available to those who want a comprehensive manual on healthy living.  The book challenges conventional medical thinking as well as accepted alternative practices.

One fascinating aspect of John Thomas’ life story is his brush with death at age 68.  Thomas was reduced to 129 lbs., skin and bones and his black hair turned white in less than 90 days.  What happened?  How could the man who wrote the book on health and aging turn old overnight?  What was 68 year old John Thomas going to do to restore his vitality and health?  He would have to seek a new way!  Read, John Thomas’ real life Gullian-Barre story, as well as his personal life chronology.

“I could not drive, dress, or bathe by myself!  I wanted to die, but instead I lived to teach others the knowledge that led to my recovery.  My death spiral ended as fast as it began.  The experience was humbling as well as inspirational!  Less than one year later, my hair had returned to natural black and I had a toned, pain free body once again.  During my illness, I was given special insights to restore myself, and I was encouraged to teach others so they could help themselves. I am grateful for the discoveries that resulted from my experience and the information I gained. My discoveries will be forthcoming in future editions of Special Insights.

What happened to John Thomas can happen to you! In coming editions of Special Insights, Young Again Club members will receive new and exciting discoveries so they can enjoy a perpetually, youthful life!

John Thomas is living proof that the body can regenerate regardless of age.  He now heads Young Again Club and publishes Special Insights, a free publication.  John Thomas’ upcoming book will be another block buster that will be distributed to Young Again Club members for FREE.! Young Again Club aging reversal, health and wellness.

John Thomas, Age 75

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