The ReVive Protocol is a self-help protocol that allows people to take control of well-being and avoid the effects of inflammatory aging from leptin, insulin and adrenaline resistance.

This protocol is often used with the Immune Protocol and other select products that as determined during consultation with John Thomas.  There is no cost for assistance.

ReVive is  concentrated, polyflavonoid complex in bio-active form.  One capsule of ReVive is taken with sister support product, ReNew at the first meal of the day or with water in the am and a second dose in the afternoon or early evening before meals.


The focus is the restoration of regulatory hormone function for leptin, insulin and adrenaline.  As the effects of pre-diabetes [blood sugar above 90] diminishes, pancreatic function settle down and resistance levels improve.  

The ReVive Protocol targets diabetes type 1 and 2 by addressing low level of insulin resistance, called, diabetes type-3 which occurs between 90 -130 blood glucose levels. 

Please do not make the mistake of thinking that YOUR insulin and blood sugar levels are 'normal' or because they do not run in your family.  These are everyone's problem, and they affect 99& of the population; including, you!

Please realize your genes and DNA have NOTHING to do with your present situation and the management of blood sugar, pancreas, insulin/leptin/adrenaline.  These medical conditions are diet, terrain and lifestyle driven.  Blaming your genes and DNA is a lie designed to deprive you of better health and a better life.

Please realize that diabetes type 3 is actually diabetes of the brain and goes by names such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and dementia with brain fog, loss of memory being early symptoms.

Please realize that tinnitus, glaucoma and macular degeneration are VERY MUCH a part of diabetes type 3, as are brain tumors! 

In other words, they are NOT what they appear and they are not what people have been told, either.


Reduction of low-grade, systemic inflammation is CENTRAL to the ReVive Protocol, as is improved blood sugar and insulin management using the body's own regulatory systems.

Inflammation and hormone resistance drives aging and most [if not all] degenerative dis-ease issues, syndromes and disorders.

Knowif you have health issues, you suffer from, low-grade inflammation.

Knowthat you cannot get control over your health and well-being unless you address the forces that drive systemic inflammatory, and pre-diabetes and insulin resistance are them.

Know that the best way to help the body reverse the effects of aging involves assisting REGENERATION rather than trying to stop degeneration.  They are not the same! 

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