The ReVive Protocol is a self-help assistance protocol that allows people to take control of their well-being and avoid the effects of inflammatory aging from leptin, insulin and adrenaline resistance.

ReVive is composed of highly concentrated, polyflavonoids in bio-active form.  One capsule of ReVive is taken with sister support product, ReNew at the first meal of the day or with glass of water in the am.

After 3 weeks of transition, a second dose of ReVive and ReNew is taken with a glass of water between 1-3 pm in the afternoon.  Routine and dosage depends on each individual's situation and relies heavily on diet and lifestyle choices, age, sex, etc.  Counseling is provided as needed.


Focus is on natural restoration of regulatory hormone function for leptin, insulin and adrenaline.  As the effects of pre-diabetes diminish, pancreatic function settles.  This is a PROCESS and that involves many factors that MUST be addressed individually.

The ReVive Protocol is interfaces diabetes type 1, 2 & pre-diabetes called, diabetes type 3.  Please do not make the mistake of thinking that these conditions  do not apply to you, either because you don't think you have them or because they do not run in your family. 

Please realize your genes and DNA have NOTHING to do with your present situation and the management of blood sugar, pancreas, insulin/leptin/adrenaline.  These medical conditions are diet and lifestyle driven.  Blaming genes and DNA is hopeless; it is a lie designed to deprive you of better health and a better life.

Please realize that diabetes type 3 is actually diabetes of the brain and goes by name like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ADD, ADHD, Asperger's, autism, brain fog, loss of memory and dementia. 

Please realize that tinnitus, glaucoma and macular degeneration are VERY MUCH a part of diabetes type 3.  So are brain tumors!  In other words, they are NOT what they appear or what the label implies. 


Reduction of low-grade, systemic inflammation is CENTRAL to the ReVive Protocol, as is improved blood sugar and insulin management using the body's own regulatory systems and functions to regenerate that which has been lost or compromised.

Inflammation and hormone resistance drives aging and degenerative dis-ease issues as well as all syndromes and disorders.

Know if you have a problem or health issue, you suffer from inflammation.

Know that you cannot achieve control over your health and well-being unless you address the forces driving systemic inflammatory  aging. 

Know that the best way to help the body reverse the effects of aging involves assisting the REGENERATION PROCESS as opposed to trying to stop degeneration.  They are not the same! 

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